2021 Prices

50% Deposit required on all work before it will begin

Tax not included in prices

Sorry, No Pets

Prices Subject to Change


Antelope                                                    $585

Black Bear                                                 $585

Caribou                                                      $850

Coyote                                                       $425

Elk                                                            $1,200

Exotic Sheep                                            $625

Fox                                                             $350

Moose                                                    $1,350

Mule Deer                                               $585

Raccoon                                                   $300

Sika Deer                                                 $575

Sheep (Dahl, Desert, Stone, Bighorn)       $925

Whitetail Doe                                        $565

Whitetail Buck                                       $585

Wild Boar                                                 $750

African/Exotic- Call or Email For pricing

*All prices are for standard mounts. Open mouth, pedestal, panels, habitat, or custom poses are available at an additional charge.


Beaver                                     $850

Bobcat                                    $700

Coyote (large, X-large)      $825

Coyote (small, Medium)   $750

Fox (red, grey)                      $650

Groundhog                            $450

Mink                                        $300

Muskrat                                 $300

Otter                                       $700

Rabbit                                     $550

Raccoon                                  $550

Skunk                                      $600

Squirrel                                   $300

Weasel                                     $300

Bear (Black)                                 $380/foot

Bear (Brown, Grizzly)                $425/foot

Mountain Lion                            $375/foot

Deer Whitetail, Mule)               $375/foot

Wolf                                                 $375/foot

African/Exotic - Call or email for pricing


Coldwater (trout)                        $20/inch

Warmwater (bass,panfish)         $18/inch

Pedestal (360)                               $25/inch

Repaint                             Start at 15/inch

Reproduction                  Start at 17/inch

*jumping, flared gills, habitat, or custom scenes available at an additional charge.

*Wall mounts include driftwood. Panels or habitat extra.


Ducks                                $285

Geese                                 $450

Grouse                              $300

Pheasants                       $285

Quail                                  $300

Swan                                  $750


**We are not taking in lifesize turkey mounts at this time

Tail and Beard                    $125

Breast mount         $525 (legs 25 extra)

Woodcock                            $285

*Bases and habitat extra

*Breast mount/ Tail and beard price includes oak or walnut panel

*All migratory birds must be tagged with your name, address, hunting license number, species, date and location of harvest

* 100% Deposit on all migratory birds

*Price for mounts only. Bases and habitat are extra.


Bear     $200/foot

Bobcat          $625

Coyote          $625

Fox                $625

Raccoon       $625

Antler Mounts

Antelope            $100

Caribou               $175

Elk                         $200

Moose                  $275

Mule Deer          $125

Whitetail            $125

European Skull Mount

Deer                 $150

Bear                 $150

Coyote            $125

Fox                   $100

Raccoon          $100


All tanning done at owner's risk