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Field Care

  • After harvesting your bird immediately dab any blood from feathers with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • NEVER wring the birds neck!!
  • Handle the bird VERY gently to avoid losing any feathers. Try to handle the bird only by the feet if possible.
  • Carefully slide the bird in a plastic bag and freeze. If the bird does not fit entirely in the bad let the tail feathers stick out, tie bad loosely.
  • Get the bird to the taxidermist as soon as possible. Birds can freezer burn very quickly.
Game heads

  • When tagging an animal do not use a knife, use a safety pin.

  • DO NOT cut the brisket when field dressing. Stop at the "V" of the ribs.

  • Try not to drag the animal, especially on the shoulders. Doing so can cause the hair to break and/or fall out leaving places that either need to be fixed (costing you more money) or leaving rub spots that will detract from the overall mount.

  • Don't hang from the neck with a rope.

  • Bring to the taxidermist as soon as soon as you can. If you cant get it there roll the skin up with the head on top, place it in a plastic bag and freeze as soon as possible.

  • Always save plenty of hide. Too much is better than too little. See diagrams below on where to cut ofr skinning.

  • Remember,  taxidermists can fix a lot of things but we can't fix what isn't there.

  • DO NOT gut the fish
  • If possible try to avoid netting the fish, as nets may split the fins.
  • Be very gentle with the fish.
  • Bring to taxidermist as soon as you can.
  • If you can't get it to the taxidermist, freeze the fish as soon as possible to help retain some of its natural markings.
  • When freezing a fish carefully lay its fins next to  the body and wrap the fish in a WET towel. This will help eliminate freezer burn.

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